Buffet Style Catering

Our build your bowl buffet style catering is perfect for office events, birthday parties or family & friend gatherings.  Your guest will love creating  their perfect combination of roots, protein, veggies and sauce.  Don't worry we will provide the tools & instructions on how to be a pro mofongo maker.

If your event is more than 50 people please check out our Pop-ups tab and send us an inquiry.

Click link below to call us and place your catering order.  Pickup & delivery available. (note delivery fee may apply)

Basic Mofongo Bar - $10/person

Includes 2 roots, 2 proteins (chicken/pork/beans), 3 veggies, and 3 sauces

Deluxe Mofongo Bar - $13/person

Includes 3 roots, 3 proteins (chicken/pork/steak/beans) 5 veggies, and 5 sauces

Full Service Mofongo Bar - $15/person (min 25 people)

Includes 3 roots, 3 proteins (chicken/pork/steak/beans/shrimp) 5 veggies,5 sauces and 2 of our staff to set up and serve food.


$5 -Breadfruit Tostones, Sweet plantains, Fried Yuca  (2-3 servings)

$3.50 - Empanadas ($3 if over 15)

$25 - Sampler (5 empanadas, 1 order of each side)


$1  - Brigaderio/$16 for 20 assorted brigaderios

$2  - Alfajor/$20 for 12 alfajores

$3.50  - Coconut Flan and Passion Fruit Mousse

Chaffing Set - $7

Includes chaffing stand, steam tray & sternos

Mofongo Bar Party Packs